Reach the top of the photographic knowledge Photography MasterClass - Introduction

Reach the top of the photographic knowledge Photography MasterClass - Introduction

Author: B. BoNo Novosad
Category: MasterClass
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About e-book

A practical guide to the highest degree of the photographic education – the University of Photography. Here you will find everything you need to know when taking the decision to become a really educated photographer. Do you want to reach to the top of the photographic knowledge?
The edition of e-books “University of Photography” is offering you the lectures on special topics and the workbooks for real photographers.

What will you find in the books of lectures?
Based on many years of experience in teaching photography, the author is offering you his way of teaching without boring theoretical explanations. He consistently applies the principle that the role of a photographer is to express himself/herself through images. He transfers the theoretical explanations to the visual examples in pictures. He asks simple questions, uses pictorial instructions and applies the discussed theoretical foundations in the practical photographic procedures.

What will you find in the workbooks?
The author, an experienced teacher of photography, is familiar with the problems of the students-photographers in studying theory. He answers all the questions and ambiguities from the theoretical explanations using visual exercises and step-by-step pictorial instructions. The examples in pictures from the theoretical parts are addressed in detail in the workbooks. These contain the exercises with keys to help you understand the examples in pictures. The author, an exceptional technical photographer, demonstrates how to properly apply the theoretical knowledge in practice. He adds an analysis of the created photographs with a detailed description of their creation.

The “Photography Master Class” as the highest level of education will teach you to understand in theory and to control in practice:
- the construction methods and the principles of composition of the photographic image 
- to create the perception of space and capture the perspective in the photographic image
- to work with the light and shadow, to create an emotional effect of colours 
- the principles and techniques in the composition of the photographic image 
- to capture the light reality of the natural light when taking outdoor as well as indoor photographs
- to work with the artificial light in studio portrait, still life and a product photography 

Become a really educated photographer - reach to the top of the photographic knowledge