Mastering work with lenses Take control of optical image quality with a DSLR

Mastering work with lenses Take control of optical image quality with a DSLR

Author: B. BoNo Novosad
Category: Canon DSLR , Nikon DSLR
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About e-book

An e-book in which you will find everything you ever wanted to know about the proper use of a lens. You will learn to make the perfect use of all the properties of a lens in a comprehensible way and without any unnecessary theory. The textbook contains step-by-step instructions for the right work with a lens in situations that have been a problem for you until now.

The author – a teacher of photography and an experienced technical photographer will use practical examples of landscape, portrait, product and macro photography to show you what kind of lens to use in what situation.

The book also contains a “guide to the right choice” which will save your time and money when choosing a lens you are longing for. With its help you will not be fooled by any “tempting” offer!

An e-book full of pictorial instructions and examples of how to:
- verify the accuracy of focus in the AF mode
- take pictures against the sunshine without reflections
- take unusual pictures of architecture
- work with a lens in art photography

In the bonus part you will find detailed instructions on how to verify whether your lens focuses correctly. The book also contains a help tool to check the accuracy of your lens.

With the knowledge from this e-book you will be able to make full use of your lenses – like a professional!